Sector 2 apartments for sale Bucharest


Pargarilor New apartments NUMBER OF APARTMENTS: 6 NUMBER OF bedROOMS: 1, 2 APARTAMENT AREA: 65-105 mp HEIGHT: S+P+2E+3R PARKING: UNDERGROUND METRO: 10 min In Ștefan

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Ronda New apartments NUMBER OF APARTMENTS: 7 NUMBER OF ROOMS: 3 APARTAMENT AREA: 70-76 mp HEIGHT: S+P+2E+M PARKING: Outside & underground Metro: 12 min Located

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Educatiei New apartments Number of apartments: 4 Number of bedrooms: 1, STUDIO PENTHOUSE Apartament area: 47-58 mp Height: S+P+2E+3R Parking: outside Metro: 10 min In

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